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Harpoon/ Triple No. 16

Reading: Monday April 3, 2023, 6 p.m. UW Bookstore, U District with Susan Landgraf (Crossings), Arlene Naganawa (We Were Talking About When We Had Bodies), Ann Spiers (Harpoon) Chapbooks in Ravenna Press Triple Series.

Ann’s chapbook, Harpoon (Ravenna, Triple Series, 2022) stitches poems about being other in Baja, speaking Spanish, being a tourist, finding family history linked to her whaler and harpooner grandfather, and even a little lusting after Leonard Cohen.

Each volume in the Ravenna Press Triple Series combines three chapbooks into one full-sized collection.

Order Triple No. 16, 2022. copies from or your nearest independent bookstore.

ISBN: 978-1-7369169-9-5 $11.95 each

In Baja

I learn to fan my paper money

on the counter, and with the left

hand, hold a palmful of coins.

Take what I owe you.

Take what you need.

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It’s About Time Reading #390 w/Ann Spiers, Kathryn Thurber-Smith & Denny SternListen/Watch Link

Salt Pier, Baja Mexico

On Chapbooks as Art:

*From the Ravenna Press website: “Triple Series comprises, in full-sized books, chapbooks by accomplished contemporary writers of poetry and short prose. Not a magazine or journal, each Triple offers a generous representation of your favorite writer plus the chance to discover the work of others whom you may not yet have encountered.”

From Ann: Chapbooks are a gathering of poems that, in concert, create a unified expression. Chapbooks have evolved beyond being a collection of single poems into an intentional cycle of poems.  

Chapbooks have evolved into a conscious art form in which each single poem, as well as its group of poems, creates a unified artistic expression..

Poetry chapbooks tend to focus on a specific theme, story, or form to unify the entire book. In a chapbook, content and design serve each other in a physical form. Often the book’s design, size, font, paper, illustrations, and layout serve the poems’ content and form.

Each volume in the Ravenna Press Triple Series combines two to three chapbooks into one full-sized collection.