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Rain Violent

News! Rain Violent, poetry from Empty Bowl Press. Poet: Ann Spiers and Calligrapher: Bolinas Frank.

Ann Spiers’ full-length book of poems, Rain Violent, views the earth and its creatures in climate crisis’ smaller gestures. Each page holds a four-line poem paired with an International Weather Symbol. The symbols inject the poems with a counterpoint, a link to specific climate phenomena. These weather symbols are used globally by citizen scientists and weather professionals to visually record local weather conditions.

For Rain Violent, artist Bolinas Frank drew the International Weather Symbols with a brush, then digitally forged a font to use in printing the book.

Order from Empty Bowl Press or your local bookshop

78 pp. paperback, ISBN 978-1-7341873-9-7, $16 See or

AMERICAN GEOPHYSICAL UNION (AGU) presents Rain Violent video in their Art/Science Gallery for their 2022 Winter Convention in Chicago.

Or  RainViolent.mp4

Below are 30-second utube videos of three poems. Cinematography by Ahmalie, Voice Over by poet Ann Spiers, and Editing by Bolinas Frank.